Purely Organic  is an all natural product, combining alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, fish meal, blood meal, steamed bone meal, soybean meal, finely ground rock phosphate, sul-po-mag, kelp (seaweed), greensand, and other natural ingredients.  No activated sludge (industrial and human waste) is used in Purely Organic .  Purely Organic  provides all the major and minor nutrients needed to grow healthy plants.  A healthy plant produces more fruits and flowers and is more resistant to diseases.

Purely Organic  is a complete fertilizer that will result in healthy growth for all types of plants by providing the correct nutrition to generate the maximum production of flowers, fruits, and foliage.   It accomplishes this by providing abundant amounts of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash) in the right proportions, generous portions of secondary nutrients (calcium, magnesium, and sulfur), and plenty of micronutrients.

Most commercial fertilizers contain only NPK and little or no secondary nutrients or micronutrients.  Purely Organic  releases nutrients to the plants over a longer period of time than most commercial fertilizers.  This slow release provides a steady supply of food for the plant.  Purely Organic will not burn plants and is not harmful to pets.

See the Instructions for Use and the Recommended Fertilizer Program for Roses for instructions on how to utilize Purely Organic in a variety of garden settings.