Purely Organic is an all natural product that can be used on all types of plants including roses, flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so on.  Purely Organic will not burn.


Orange roseApply 3 cups to each rose bush at pruning and again when buds appear. Incorporate lightly around the drip line and water well.  Then add 2 cups every six to eight weeks during the growing season for outstanding foliage and blooms.  For best results, follow the Recommended Fertilizer Program for Roses.


Similar to roses, but use 1 cup at pruning, when buds appear and every six to eight weeks. For best results, follow the Recommended Fertilizer Program for Roses.

Flower Beds

For annuals and perennials, spread 3 cups over each square yard of plant bed, incorporate into the soil, and water well.

Vegetable Rows

Apply 3 cups to each ten feet of row and till-in before planting.  This will feed the plants for about sixty days, which will be sufficient for most crops such as greens, squash, beans, peas, and so on. Crops that produce longer than sixty days should receive additional applications of 2-3 cups per square yard (top dress) or per ten feet of row (side dress) every additional sixty days the crop is in production. Repeat the original application for each succeeding crop.

Square Foot Gardens

Square foot garden
Square foot garden

Spread 3 cups over each square yard and incorporate before planting.  Side dress or top dress as needed during the growing season to maintain productive plants.  Repeat the process for each successive planting.

Individual Plants

Dig a hole eight to ten inches in diameter and twelve to eighteen inches deep.   Mix 4 cups with enough well-rotted compost to fill the hole.  Plant, mulch, water, and enjoy!