Some of Jim’s more knowledgeable garden shop customers began lamenting the lack of a robust, sophisticated fertilizer on the market, so Jim set out to create one. He began with his own knowledge of ingredients and what each one contributed to an overall formula.

4 HomeGardener1Through a combination of research about these nutrients, experimentation, and repeated commercial laboratory analysis, he developed a formula that would provide the correct balance of primary, secondary, and micronutrients.  He also wanted an all natural fertilizer that wouldn’t burn, would encourage soil microbial activity, and would be environmentally friendly.

Jim continued to improve the formula based on customer feedback, observation of plant growth, and more lab analysis.  Today’s Purely Organic is the result of this extensive research and development.  See Benefits to read more about the specific benefits of Purely Organic .

As Jim began introducing Purely Organic to friends, neighbors, and garden shop customers, word began to get around; and people began coming to him with success stories.

If you have a success story you’d like to share about Purely Organic , please contact us.  We love to hear what growers are doing, the awards you’re winning, and any other stories you have.